Downtown Torm

Welcome to the Torm Republic. Located on the strip of land separating the North and Glittering seas, this small state has been able to profit both from its natural resources and its easy access to the magically resonant trenevant crystals mined on the archipelagos of the North Sea.

The Torm City, the Republic’s capital, lies high in the Tormon mountain range. While Torm is not the obvious place for the capital of a trading state, the rich veins of ore in the mountains have enabled what was once a small mining community to grow to be the most powerful city for thousands of miles. A center of technology, Torm is the birthplace of several new and innovative technologies, the steam engine being the most important.

Torm has used its technological advantages to ensure that all trade passes through its gates before reaching Veer, the Republic’s major port city on the south coast. Veer is the north’s door to the Glittering Sea and its many inhabitants, and its power and importance are rivalled only by that of The Torm City‚Ķ

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The Torm

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