About the world of Calne

The Tormon Republic is but one nation in the world of Calne. While it may consider itself first among many, many of the forces acting within and upon the Republic have their roots outside its borders. In the same way, forces that have their root within Torm’s borders can have world-changing impact beyond.

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The [races of Calne](/wiki/races-peoples) are divided into three rough groups: the mundane races, the near-fey, and the fey.

The mundane races are humans and halflings. The near-fey include the gnomes, ork-kin, and dwarves, while the fey are the elves and rumored kin.

Technology and industry

Calne is rapidly industrializing, particularly in the Tormon Republic in the north. The Torm City, which for so long was completely dependent on other regions for food, has turned what was once an achilles’ heel into its greatest strength: near every citizen of the Torm City is involved in the sciences or industry, and now the City is unparalleled in its creations. Where once it was a weakness that it had no farmers, now other regions struggle to keep up and fight for the right to trade with The Torm.

The invention of the steam engine two-score years ago has completely reshaped the Tormon Republic. Where once trade routes had to go around the Tormon mountain range, a journey taking weeks, now they pass directly through it in a matter of days. And all rail lines lead to The Torm City.

Manufacture is also drastically improved. Firearms can be made both reliably and relatively cheaply. The creation of the steamship has drastically changed the way the nations interact. Even the instruments of agriculture are changing and coming to rely on the power of coal and steam. And this is to say nothing of the burgeoning field of arcantriks, the use of science to replicate the effects of Resonant magic, the like of which haven’t been seen in an age.


The gods have not been seen regularly in Calne in living memory, nor in the memories of several previous generations. Calne is emerging from a dark age, and its peoples have learned to rely upon themselves for guidance.

However, there are still thriving sects following some of the gods who have not been forgotten, particularly those whose demesnes are most relevant to the world as it is revealing itself today, in the lights of science, philosophy and industry. Often the gods of Calne are revered as ideals rather than active agents capable of directly changing the world.

The 14 gods most frequently invoked divide roughly into three spheres: life and death; knowledge; and community and conflict. These are the [major divinities](/wiki/gods-and-spirits); there are also hundreds if not thousands of [minor spirits](/wiki/gods-spirits#minor-divines) whose influence, while verifiable and visible, extends only to their immediate vicinity. These minor divines are more local spirits and demons than gods, though local peoples often worship them with greater frequency than the major gods.

About the world of Calne

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